We write for everyone – at every level – at every stage of life – in every industry!

If you are a first time user of professional writing services, it can sometimes be a little daunting.

At Résumés Enclosed, our aim is to take out the hard work of writing about yourself, or your company, the products you sell, or the services you provide. Our aim is to present you or your business in a clear and precise manner to get your message across and get results.

We Write for Employment:

Our clients’ average age range is mainly between 22 to 65 years of age.

The résumé we crafted for a 43 year old client, with a doctorate in information technology; secured two significant job offers within two weeks. Our client had spent the previous two years job searching without success, and had applied for 200 positions.

The mechanical engineer with a speciality in aviation and twenty years senior management experience secured the position of General Manager / Head of Australian Operations, for an iconic Asian airline, with a finely honed résumé from Résumés Enclosed. This was the first time the Company had recruited outside of their country at this high level.

At the other extreme, we have had clients as young as eleven years of age. We created the résumé which assisted one young person to obtain a six-year scholarship into a well-known private high school in Melbourne.


We Write for Business:

Business owners, managers, don’t always have time to work ‘on’ their business. They are often too busy working ‘in’ their business; keeping the wheels turning.

We assist business owners and managers in promoting their company and the products they offer, with effective no-nonsense documentation written in plain English, for website content, company profiles, letters, business proposals and tender documentation.

One client, owner of an air-conditioning company, kept missing out on business opportunities and tenders. The finely crafted company profile, we delivered, assisted in securing five commercial contracts within two months.

The earthmoving company owner operator – didn’t quite believe us, when we suggested a particular strategy for his company profile – but then, as he told us later ‘…we won the contract, then another, and another…’


We Write for the Corporate and Industrial Sectors:

Large organisations often outsource services; particularly when they restructure, re-adjust their position in the market place, or come to the end of a large project; where there is a need to re-deploy or reduce staff levels. We have delivered group workshops, interview skills and customised résumés and related documentation to personnel in major organisations within the Mining sector, Government associated agencies and Advanced Centres of Learning.