Historical Background

"Resumes Enclosed" is an innovative and professional organisation whose success has attracted such industry leaders as Pasminco Mining, Ironcore Transformers Pty Ltd and large retail franchise groups including What’s New Management and The AFL Stores.

The company was established in 1995, promising a more highly specialised service than had previously been available. Today, the strategic planning and delivery of company profiles, executive, sports and personal resumes has been favourably received by a diverse range of corporations as far afield as USA, UK, Europe and South East Asia; winning tenders and professional recognition for an equally diverse range of clients.

Additional business-to-business writing services include: letters, written presentations and sales proposals, advertising copy, website literature, general copywriting and ghost writing.

"Resumes Enclosed" has a strong belief in the delivery of exemplary standards of customer service, the creation of quality products and integrity in all dealings. Much of its success is owed to the time given to clients, the attention paid to their needs and the detailed development and final written presentation of the "individual" the "organisation" and the "subject".