How do I get a résumé?

Simply phone (03) 9882-0411 to speak with a consultant and arrange a FREE initial consultation so that we can identify what your needs are and the best way to present you to potential employers and recruiters.

What should I expect from my FREE initial consultation?

During the initial consultation we will discuss relevant and essential information about your work or career experience; your education, training, and most importantly what you want to achieve from a professional résumé. We will also discuss in which direction you want to go with your next career move.
Your consultant will carefully explain how we go about crafting a tailor-made résumé that will show you at your absolute best. At this stage, we will also give you a price for the work to be done.

Should I bring any documents to the meeting?

No! At this stage, it’s not necessary. However if you have any relevant documents; bring them along. Any items that are relevant: written references, job advertisements, your current résumé; certificates or industry specific licenses.

Will I be able to use my résumé and letter of application for other jobs?

Yes! Absolutely!
A crafted résumé from Résumés Enclosed along with the covering letter is geared to show you at your best. We will present your achievements which in turn will show your capabilities, your strengths, your leadership and management abilities, your communication skills, your people skills and a whole lot more.
Our experience shows that our clients, who secure an interview with our documentation; are generally strong contenders for the position they have applied for.

I need to respond to selection criteria. Can you help?

Yes! We can certainly assist you with selection criteria response.
We follow a well-proven formula to acknowledge selection criteria. Our process will show your best achievements, focus your thoughts about your workplace experiences and help prepare you for interviews.

How soon can I get my résumé?

We work quickly! Once we have the relevant information your résumé and letter will be ready within 24-48 hours (a little longer for bigger projects).

Are covering letters important?

Yes! Yes! Yes!
A covering letter of application or letter of introduction is very important. Why? Because a well-crafted covering letter will get the ‘big-picture’ and your ‘critical information’ across within two or three paragraphs (about 10-15 seconds), and engage the reader.
Statistics show that a job applicant has the first six lines (five to ten seconds) to make an impact. The covering letter is the best way to make that impact.

How much will my résumé cost?

Résumés Enclosed are very competitive with other good writing agencies; in price and high quality of work. Our clients are extremely diverse; from university graduates right through to senior executives, and every job-type-in-between. Our clients are accountants, engineers, doctors, IT specialists, plumbers, electricians, retailers, personal assistants, customer-service staff, hospitality staff, labourers working in mines in remote areas and harsh conditions (see AREAS OF EXPERIENCE). Their backgrounds, experience and their needs are just as diverse.
That is why we give a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to explore and identify what needs to be done on an individual basis, assess the situation, discuss it with you, and then give you a proper price that is relevant to the work to be done for you. Obligation free!

What is your success rate with job seekers using your résumés and covering letters?

Our records show that when our clients follow our process and correctly use our professionally written résumés, cover letters and job search strategies; they have an interview success rate in the region of 97% to 99% and quite often 100%. This has led to many new careers and job opportunities.

Client Success Stories:

  • A National Sales Manager secured a position of choice within 24 hours of application
  • Another client, with a doctorate in IT, secured two job offers within two weeks after a previously fruitless job search which had lasted two years and 200 job applications
  • The Personal Assistant to two former Prime Ministers secured two job offers within one week after a change of Government saw the retrenchment of hundreds of staff in Canberra
  • Our youngest client, ever, secured a six year high school scholarship at a notable private school in Melbourne, with the résumé we created