Résumés must capture employer interest so impress them – but don’t forget it’s NOT ABOUT YOU it’s the way you present the information. Tips from a Professional Résumé Writer

by Kris Jennings

 Contrary to popular belief your résumé is NOT ABOUT YOU! This is a misconception!

Sure, the information is yours, the qualifications, the jobs you held, the experience you gained, the late nights, early mornings, those long, long extra hours you put in… they are all very definitely yours. But when it comes to presenting that encyclopedic mass, one has to be selective; often to the point of ruthlessness.

Give too much information – the reader’s eyes will glaze and they won’t take in anything. Give too little and what you have to offer starts to resemble a shopping list. It’s a difficult choice – always!

I’ve never met anyone, in over twenty years of writing for employment, who thought that presenting themselves in writing was an easy gig! That goes for every position one can think of including senior management, lawyers, accountants, CEO’s, CFOs, GMs, MDs…

Presenting carefully selected snippets of information works! And, don’t discredit showing interests and hobbies or a personal achievement either. They show and prove a lot about a person.

It’s a subliminal thing …

Steve, a successful project manager with a trade qualification; worked in a highly competitive environment; he loved football, played it in his spare time. Two years ago he decided to coach the Under 21s on a voluntary basis. That year they won the local Premiership and broke a six-year drought.  So now Steve’s not only successful in his career he’s also proving a success in his personal life!

This information can be presented in about ten words – not much in the big scheme of things and yet the reader, ‘the Employer,’ sees something like this:

Steve’s a Good Guy! He’s a communicator, a leader, a mentor. He’s persistent, reliable, he cares; he’s a WINNER!

Result: his chances of getting his résumé on the short list have just increased. Suddenly it’s not so much about him and more but about the message he’s getting across. He’s a winner, he cares…

When you start using this principle in the main body of a résumé and relate it to your career, it becomes a powerful tool on multiple levels.

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