Why do Professional Résumé Writing Services Work?


By Kris Jennings                  

Two Heads are Better than One!  

Professional résumé writing services work when experienced résumé writers are involved, they bring their hard-won, workplace and industry knowledge into the mix, to strengthen the job seeker’s profile.  The information and final presentation will have greater depth, be more interesting and probably have additional and relevant topics that will engage readers (prospective employers, recruiters…) and retain their interest. This will increase the job seeker’s credibility, show strengths and experience and future potential within a company.

An experienced résumé writer should have had significant exposure working with clients from a broad range of industries. See our areas of experience www.resumesenclosed.com.au/areas-of-experience.

With an average success rate of above 99% for over twenty years; we’ve seen a lot of résumés, cover letters, selection criteria response, job advertisements…! Worked with a lot of people!

When job seekers say ‘…I find it really difficult to write about myself…’ it’s because you’re too close to the action; know too much about the politics, the personalities…. It can diminish our self-worth, cloud our judgement!

A good résumé is one that is achievements based and where the information is carefully selected and considered. Its takes time – it shouldn’t be rushed! That’s why two heads (professional résumé writer and job seeker) are better than one!

A professional résumé writer is objective, analytical; works ‘with’ the client, to obtain critical information and show the applicant at his or her best.

Far too many home-made résumés resemble ‘shopping lists’; they are often crammed with too much information and too many irrelevant details; they go back too far in time and don’t show the personality of the applicant. In short they’re dull!

The professionally written document always stands out! Regardless of occupation, age or gender!

 Your personality needs to J-U-M-P off the page!

It’s not just your qualifications and experience employers are looking at. They’re looking at YOU as a person. They want to know if you will complement the team, if you have any additional skills they hadn’t thought of; your long-term potential…?

A professional résumé writer will flush out all this and more key information about YOU! Consolidate and craft informative and easy to read documents. Spark reader interest and leave potential employers and recruiters wanting to know more about YOU.

Check what we do www.resumesenclosed.com.au/what-we-do

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