Important tips when selecting a professional résumé writer

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By Kris Jennings

 Good writing takes time and effort…

It’s not always about getting the cheapest deal; you’re paying for a properly structured document to improve your employment prospects and show you at your best.

Allow plenty of time to find your résumé writer…

Don’t leave it to the last minute to find your writer – allow at least one or two weeks. Some companies take longer; maybe three or four weeks to complete your documentation.

Use the initial meeting as preparation for future interviews…

Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, by phone or face-to-face, have your facts ready. Use this first opportunity, to talk about yourself, as initial preparation for future interviews.

Ask questions of your résumé writer…

Choose a résumé writer who has experience in employment and job searches; knows the job market, understands what employers are looking for and is empathetic to your situation. If your writer has written for businesses as well, that’s even more beneficial, as they will have a greater understanding of presenting critical information.

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