Stand Out with a Quality Cover Letter that Grabs your Employer’s Attention

Sometimes with only a couple of seconds to scan each application, employers will make hasty decisions about which cover letters to include in the ‘yes’ pile, and which to delegate to ‘no’. With a well written cover letter, you can make your application stand out amongst the others and capture the employer’s interest – they will struggle to flick past yours. Our best writers in Melbourne deliver clear and concise information to engage the reader immediately and keep them interested in reading the entire job application.

A well-crafted, professional letter is critical in making an impact on the reader and will obtain, craft and present critical information about the job applicant. It is interesting to read and will show the applicant’s qualifications, experience and appropriate personal qualities. They will carefully write in a personal, yet professional tone to pique the hirer’s interest and make them feel a connection to your application.

When they are interested, they will read on and your chances at getting an interview have increased dramatically. You’ll be providing an engaging introduction to your resume, where you can showcase your experience and skills. Our writers will ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to introduce yourself well.

At Résumés Enclosed, our professional cover letter writing service has assisted graduates, established professionals and trades specialists, throughout Australia and internationally, to secure jobs with carefully crafted cover letters, résumés and selection criteria responses, since 1995. Our customers are happy, employers impressed and we are satisfied with our success. With such an extensive experience, it’s no wonder we present with such outstanding results.

Tips from some of the best cover letter writers

  • Be concise. Craft your information into three to four paragraphs
  • Address the recipient by name. If you don’t know it, ask the company until you find it.
  • Include strong examples of your achievements – using numbers is great
  • Include a short, memorable anecdote, which will emphasize your experience, workplace commitment and ethics
  • Proof-read your writing – even a small mistake can have an employer reject your application, especially if they’re faced with a huge stack

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