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We have delivered highly customised, effective business documents for nearly two decades; written presentations that have successfully secured new leads; promoted companies and obtained specific objectives across a broad range of commercial enterprises. Carefully considered and crafted content for: company profiles, company plans, marketing plans, tenders, websites, letters, applications and documents to influence and achieve specific objectives.

Our business document process

We offer an initial meeting with someone from our team who we feel is the best business document write for you. This meeting offers an opportunity to discuss writing requirements, identify and target markets and business objectives and develop the initial plan of action (scope of work), that will ultimately present effective content for all types of documentation to achieve the client’s desired result.

The commissioning of such a writer, also known as a business applications writer will deliver succinct summation of the critical elements of the client’s brief. A carefully crafted presentation designed to capture the reader’s attention and maintain their interest in reading the entire document.

Hire the best website content writer for your business

With an extensive writing experience, and in-depth knowledge of company websites and their audiences, our writers are able to construct well-targeted website content. Relying on our digital knowledge and acumen, we are able to predict what will work, and what won’t, to efficiently construct copy for your website. After analysing competitors’ efforts and determining your tone and brand, we write copy that follows your precise objectives and increases conversions. You’ll only be advantaged, with markedly increased sales, repeated visits and happier customers.

We fix problems with documents and websites

Many websites present a lot of words without much meaning! We call them space fillers; the information you give when you’re not quite sure what information you should be giving; usually because the writer is too close to the action; can’t be objective enough, is unable to identify critical information or because they don’t have enough information or skill.

The best website writers get to know their client! At Résumés Enclosed we follow a proven strategy, which begins with discussion; collaboration between client and website content writer; where critical information is identified and explored, then honed and crafted to give the best possible presentation of the company and what it can deliver to the customer.

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