Great résumés need great conversations – First!

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  By Kris Jennings So much information can be relayed through a look, a smile, a frown… Writing résumés seems to be increasingly left to the domain of online digital templates, emails and twenty-minute telephone conversations or video calls. One of the best proven methods of obtaining important information is through face-to-face conversation and collaboration […]

Important tips when selecting a professional résumé writer

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By Kris Jennings  Good writing takes time and effort… It’s not always about getting the cheapest deal; you’re paying for a properly structured document to improve your employment prospects and show you at your best. Allow plenty of time to find your résumé writer… Don’t leave it to the last minute to find your writer […]

Why do Professional Résumé Writing Services Work?

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  By Kris Jennings                   Two Heads are Better than One!   Professional résumé writing services work when experienced résumé writers are involved, they bring their hard-won, workplace and industry knowledge into the mix, to strengthen the job seeker’s profile.  The information and final presentation will have greater […]

Results of a good resume written by a professional resume writer


By Kris Jennings  When I first met Alex , he was absolutely convinced he was unemployable. The ream of meticulously compiled spreadsheets, which slid out of his folder and onto the desk, was testament to over 200 unsuccessful job applications made within the preceding 18 months, and without attracting any interviews. My client had recently […]