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How your résumé is written is the difference between securing the job or continuing the search indefinitely! Our résumé and selection criteria writers work closely with clients to formulate résumés, cover letters, selection criteria response… which will show your experience, strengths and future potential to any employer.

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Writing for Business

Too busy working in your business and not on it? We write carefully considered and appropriate content for your website and other documentation, marketing, and general business materials. Experienced business application writers, at Résumés Enclosed, have over 20 years’ involvement in writing for businesses in a diverse range of industries.

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How do I get started?

Simply phone (03) 9882-0411 to speak with a consultant and arrange a FREE initial consultation so that we can identify what your needs are and the best way to present you to potential employers and recruiters.

A leading professional résumé writing service for over 22 years

Don’t allow lack of writing experience or cluttered presentations to hamper your chances of securing that job! Working with highly experienced résumé writers at Résumés Enclosed will advance your understanding of job application and self-promotion techniques essential in the modern job climate, and provide you with the finely crafted documents you need.

Benefit from one of the top résumé writing services in Melbourne, Australia

Our résumé and cover letter writers understand the complexities and difficulties of job-searching. We prepare our clients for the job market, in all industries and professions, in Australia and overseas so they can make confident and informed career choices.